When is the animal threatened with extinction?


When is the animal threatened with extinction?

when it loses its habitat.

And the habitat (stable way), i.e. the place in which they live, or when trees and plants are removed in forests and the roads that animals need are one of the reasons for their extinction, or when humans build river dams to store drinking water, or when the swamps dry up, or in the case of the large number of plants that grow The animal does not need it for food, which leads to its extinction, or shooting animals such as tigers, whales and koalas, or deforestation, as happened with the forests of Australia in 1788 AD, which caused environmental resources to be endangered.

How can an endangered animal be saved?

  • Protect the habitats in which these animals live.
  • Protecting national parks.
  • Concern for animal protection from animal hunters.
  • Do not cut flowers that animals eat.
  • Caring for birds and their nests.
  • Maintaining general hygiene.
  • Appropriately clear the territory of toxic plants.
  • Save wild land and allow native plants to grow.
  • Paying attention to the cultivation of local shrubs needed by rare animals.
  • Using methods that attract local birds, which helps to get rid of farm pests.
  • Preserving lambs, cows and crops that the animal needs to eat.
  • Activating laws prohibiting shooting animals and preventing animal poisoning.
  • Use the fence to allow native plants to grow.
  • Pay attention to fallen trees, which are dead trees, because they are used for nesting for birds and shelter for animals.

Tips for preserving the endangered animal

  • Preserving forests.
  • Getting rid of harmful plants and forest fires.
  • Activate endangered animal protection laws.
  • Wild animal protection.
  • Bird preservation.
  • Hunting harmful pests from wildlife.
  • Preserving water from pollution.

Preserving forests: There are many climatic and environmental changes that lead to a change in the vegetation cover, such as forest fires, that threaten plants or animals, as happened with the birds of Western Australia (the noisy scrub bird and the western rough bird) as a result of the changes caused by the fire, although most of these fires are caused by lightning, but the forests must be protected from such fires for the animal to use.

Elimination of harmful plants and forest fires: Just as the fires affected the jungles and caused animal extinction, there are many reserves, agricultural lands and waterways infested with weeds, which leads to the disappearance of the type of plant used by endangered animals , and among the harmful plants and trees is the peto tree located in the sand dunes and berries Black common in temperate forests and tropical mimosas.

Activating endangered animal protection laws: Paying attention to the establishment of local councils and institutions that work to protect extinct animals and renew forests and jungles, in order to preserve forests from garbage or harmful grass while cultivating local plants that animals use for nutrition, as happened in Australia with foxes or cats. They are predators because Australian cats are wild cats that climb trees and can catch prey in their burrows. As for fish, there is a type of fish that causes a lack of local fish in rivers because they are fish that feed on similar fish.

Wild animal protection: Cats, dogs and fish can survive and reproduce, especially in areas suitable for them and that help them survive, and for this reason it is preferable to reduce the breeding of animals in homes and preserve their lives in the wild, because animals can easily reproduce in the wild and they can take care of to each other.

Preserving birds: One of the most important things that help preserve bird species is to protect them from animals that are always looking for them in order to hunt them, because birds help animals in cleaning, whether for the land or the cleanliness of the animal’s body, and for this reason it is preferable when raising a domestic animal to install bells on the animal’s collar and reduce They wander especially at night.

Hunting harmful pests from wildlife: people should be encouraged to protect local animals and not allow dogs or firearms to enter the park or reserve, such as hunting pigs, foxes and rabbits, and in order to preserve the animal from extinction, harmful insects that pollute plants and affect inappropriately on animal life.

Preserving water from pollution : There are many pollutants that cause fish death and water pollution, which causes poisoning of animals such as birds and wild animals that drink from sea water.

of endangered animals

  • Javan rhinoceros.
  • Vaquita.
  • Mountain gorilla.
  • Tiger
  • Asian Elephant.
  • Orangutans.
  • Leatherback turtles.

Javan Rhinoceros: It is an endangered animal found in tropical forests and is now confined to the island of Java, Indonesia, in the southwestern tip of one park, and there are currently only about 67 rhinos, meaning that this species is becoming extinct in an inappropriate and dangerous way.

Vaquita: It is a carnivore, which is a pig native to the northern part of California and Mexico. It is a porpoise and one of the smallest living whales, weighing no more than 45 kg.

Mountain Gorilla: Its scientific name is Gorilla beringei beringei, and it is one of the eastern gorillas of the Hominidae families. International organization that was established to preserve the animals, and that is why gorillas are found in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo and the Central African Republic.

Tiger: There are about 65 females weighing 170 kg, and they are adult females from the carnivore categories, and there are subspecies of them in Bengal, India, Siberia, Malay, and tigers. As for the tigers in Malaysia and Sumatra, they are seriously extinct animals, and there is no There are more than 3000 tigers all over the world and now they are collected in Bandhavgarh National Park which is the best of the national parks.

Asian Elephant: One of the elephants threatened with extinction, and its scientific name is Elephas maximus. It is a herbivore, meaning that it depends on grass for nutrition. It is known that the mass of males weighs 4000 kg (adults), while female elephants weigh 2700 kg (adults). And their number decreased to about 50 during the past 75 years, despite the continuous attempts to preserve them by taking care of them and their newborn.

Orangutans: It is known about the age of Orangutans that it is between 35 and 45 years old, and its scientific name is Pongo, and its gestation period does not exceed 259 days. 100 kg, and the two species are witnessing a remarkable extinction, and the tropical forests are being destroyed with time, causing the rapid extinction of the Oran Jutans.

Leatherback turtles: It is one of the weak animals and it was named by this name due to the presence of a hard shell that resembles the skin. It is considered one of the largest sea turtles and one of the most migratory species ever. It can cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and in American waters as well, but it nests in the Pacific Ocean, east and west. Hunting turtle eggs using hunting gear has led to their extinction.

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