How to get the title of Goodwill Ambassador


How to get the title of Goodwill Ambassador

The holders of the title “ Goodwill Ambassadors ” are a number of public figures who are the most influential in their society, and they are also the most famous and they are those who provide moral support to the Commission on a wide level of countries of the world.

Where they provide, through their influence, in the service of various humanitarian issues, including issues that concern refugees, as well as those that concern people sponsored by the UNHCR. The Goodwill Ambassador provides many services and is dedicated to serving the humanitarian community.

Therefore, the matter requires some points that must be available in those who aspire to this position, which are as follows : 

  • Prominent personalities in the world of acting.
  • Famous personalities, in the world of music.
  • Famous sports personalities.
  • Influential figures in the art world.
  • Personalities with an impact on the humanitarian community work.

Therefore, whoever wants to be an ambassador of good intentions must fulfill some conditions, since the United Nations does not choose any person to be its ambassador without criteria. Rather, some conditions must be met, so if there is Someone he wants to become one day, he must meet these following criteria :

  • That the person be one of the distinguished in his field, where the person must be a well-known name, whether in acting, politics, the world of literature, the performing arts, or in sports, where the person must make his talent and achievements distinct from his competitors, and from around it.
  • For his performance to have representation in the cultural values , in order to achieve the greatest possible impact on a group of targets, he must represent the cultural values ​​of that target group.

If a person has interests in becoming a goodwill ambassador, then one of the most important and first things that he must take into account is the amount of education that the person obtains, as in the research it was found that 55.4% of the goodwill ambassadors had obtained a bachelor's degree, while it was found that 4.3% of them have a master's degree.

Although most Goodwill Ambassadors have a college degree, it is possible for them to become goodwill ambassadors with a high school diploma . The choice is considered an appropriate major, as most of them have a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. As for the next percentage of ambassadors, it was often in the CVs of goodwill ambassadors who obtained high school diploma degrees.

In addition to the foregoing regarding the relationship of fame, influence, excellence, and the academic degree with how a person becomes an ambassador of goodwill, the idea of ​​volunteering, community services, and assistance to others comes from the most important things that qualify a person to become a goodwill ambassador.

Goodwill ambassador salary

In defining the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, it is an organization of a global nature that presents its efforts that focus on human beings and its work that aims to save lives and also work to protect rights, and work to build a better future for refugees and other displaced persons, forced displacement, and people who are not have any nationality.

As for the remuneration for those who become a goodwill ambassador, the basis is that he volunteers as the ambassador of the United Nations, so that he offers his time, abilities, energies, and talents to promote peace and other goals of the United Nations Charter, and they do not receive a salary. Ambassadors may be given a symbolic amount of one dollar annually or equivalent.

As for non-salary grants in kind, United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors may be granted subsistence allowances when they travel on behalf of the United Nations, depending on the discretion of the sub-organization they represent. However, United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors encourage self-financing in their travels, and try to rely on their own cash resources.

Celebrity Selection Procedures for Goodwill Ambassador

  • He must obtain the approval of the nomination for the mission of goodwill ambassador from the leadership of the international organization, so he must fill out the form for the nomination process and send it for decision.
  • To make sure that those celebrities who want to get a goodwill ambassador position or position are reputable, that they are respected in their field of profession, and that these are certainly famous, and that they have to express ideas well.
  • It also requires that they also agree to use their talents and exploit their position in order to help the community pay attention to the organization and its role, and then the selection of the goodwill ambassador is announced in the media.
  • And this task is entrusted to the goodwill ambassador, through the president of the international organization, for a period of two years, and this is with the approval of an important condition, which is that the person accepts to give his time and energy to this task.

The most famous of the title of goodwill ambassador

As the meaning of a goodwill ambassador was shown , with a clear indication of how he became a goodwill ambassador, it is necessary to emphasize that the organizations of the international community are organizations that work hard to provide humanity with a guarantee that everyone in it will have the right to be able to seek refuge in a place of refuge. For him away from persecution, conflicts and devastation, and to search for a safe haven, to escape bloody violence or persecution of all kinds, wars or disasters in the motherland .

Among the most famous people who won the title of Goodwill Ambassadors, whether at the international level or at the regional level, of the United Nations, are each of these famous names:

  • Nicole Kidman , the acting profession, was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the year two thousand and six.
  • Emma Watson , the profession is acting and was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the year two thousand and fourteen.
  • Hussein Fahmy , an Egyptian actor.
  • Anne Hathaway , the profession is acting and was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the year two thousand and sixteen.
  • Yousra is an actress.
  • Mahmoud Yassin is an actor.
  • Khaled Abol Naga is an actor.
  • Angelina Jolie is an actress.
  • Farhan Akhtar , Profession Practicing art in several diverse fields and has been appointed, Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia in the year two thousand and fourteen.
  • Audrey Hepburn , an actress.
  • Mona Zaki , Egyptian actress.
  • Adel Imam , actor.
  • Ahmed Helmy is an actor.
  • Asser Yassin is an actor.
  • Actress Nelly Karim .
  • Sania Mirza, a famous athlete, was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador in the year 2014.
  • Camila Pitanga, acting profession, working in the field of human rights, and was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the year two thousand and fifteen.
  • Danny Kaye , acting profession, and was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four.
  • Khaled El Nabawy is an actor.
  • Donia Samir Ghanem is an actress.
  • Jamal Suleiman, Syrian actor.
  • Mohamed Sobhi is an actor.
  • Elham Shaheen is an actress.
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