How do I know gold from imitation?


How do I know gold from imitation?

  1. Nitric acid test.
  2. magnet test.
  3. Use of the float test.
  4. Test on the skin.

All precious metals, including gold, can be tested by doing the acid test, which is harmful only in the case of fake gold, but the original gold will not be affected by trying to do the nitric acid test at home, so a small scratch is made on top of the piece of gold to penetrate the surface, and then a small amount is added of liquid nitric acid over this scratch and waiting for a chemical reaction. The fake gold will turn green immediately where the acid is present. During this test, the gold will not interact with the nitric acid, and the desired result will be a clear drop of liquid that does not change color at all.

Real gold will not attract a magnet, so the magnetic test is the most suitable and applicable test for knowing the original gold , as the magnet can be carried anywhere and the fake gold and other alloys will attract the magnet, and through this test the magnet will reveal the base metal from which this piece is made.

All this test needs is a cup of water to perform an important test to find out the truth about gold. Any piece of original gold will sink instantly to the bottom of any liquid, while imitation gold will float or hover above the bottom of the container. Besides, real gold will not rust or change color when exposed. to wet.

The discoloration of the skin after wearing fake gold jewelry is not a new thing, and it is a well-known way to know fake gold. Gold can be held in the hand for a few minutes, which will lead to sweating of the skin, and then it will react chemically with gold. The color of the skin may change either to black or green. If the gold is not real, it will not react. Genuine gold with leather, and jewelers can determine the contents of any piece of gold jewelry through numerous tests. 

properties of real gold

  • Oxidation Resistant: Gold does not tarnish or rust.
  • Non-magnetic: Gold is not attracted to a magnet at all.
  • High thermal and electrical conductor: Gold is also resistant to corrosion thus making gold indispensable in electronics.
  • Dissolves only with nitro hydrochloric acid: gold is dissolved in only a mixture of 75% nitric acid and 25% hydrochloric acid which has a yellow-orange colour.
  • Flexible: It is compressed in the form of very thin sheets that are 10 times thinner than regular paper, and then the panels are used to reflect infrared rays by evaporating the panels on the glass, and it is also used as fillings for teeth and others. It can also be drawn in the form of thin wires that are deposited on circles. Like transistors, it is useful as a soldering iron, industrial welding, orthodontics, jet engine manufacturing, etc.
  • Somewhat soft: It is a relatively soft metal and to combat its weakness it must be alloyed with other metals such as silver, nickel, copper or platinum. 

Tips before buying gold

  • The price of gold in your city.
  • gold purity.
  • gold stamp.
  • Manufacturer of gold seller.
  • waste fee.
  • weight.
  • Buy back policy.

The price of gold varies from one city to another due to demand, import costs, and many factors. The cost of transportation, eight fees, taxes, and other fees involved in purchasing it determine the price of the day. For example, gold prices in port cities are lower than inland cities. Gold prices may be updated twice a day, morning and evening in each city, and may vary. The labor cost involved in producing jewelry also crosses cities, affecting gold rates for each product and it is important to know the gold price in your area for one day before buying gold.

One of the most important tips when buying gold is to judge the purity of the gold that will be bought, whether jewelry or gold coins that you buy are made of an alloy of gold and other metals. The percentage of gold in the alloy may be determined by its purity, so karat and softness are two systems for determining the purity of the precious metal, so there is 24 karat or 999 +/- 50 parts per thousand, which is considered the highest form of gold purity, so the purity of all other forms of gold is determined in comparison with this standard. Most gold jewelry and coins are available between 14 karat and 18 karat purity.

The marking is an industry best practice and an important piece of advice when buying gold. Ensures the reliability and validity of the manufacturer's purity claims. It testifies to the purity of the gold used in the manufacture of the jewelry you intend to purchase. The gold bar must contain a precious metal above the limit set forth in the International Hallmarking Agreement.

Jewelers charge fees for jewelry and coins that are more than the cost of gold. The process of manufacturing gold goods is labor-intensive, and the complexity of the design affects these fees. Gold-making fees are related to the creativity of the designer and the effort of the artisans who work in manufacturing each piece of jewelry, and for this you may pay a higher amount by 8-10 % of the actual value of gold.

Jewelery is prepared by melting and cutting precious metals, so forming it with custom designs results in wasted gold. Jewelers may include this amount as a wastage charge in the total cost of gold purchased. Although waste is greatly reduced by the use of technology to produce gold jewellery, a jeweler should be consulted if The ornaments were either handmade or machine made.

The cost of gold is based on its weight i.e. the gram as the cost of gold continues to fluctuate on a daily basis through different websites and you should check the price on the date of purchase via various sources including trustworthy websites.

Jewelers offer buy-back options to allow the buyer to exchange vintage jewelry to keep up with trends. Even though the value of the gold remains the same, the jeweler will deduct a fee by accepting the gold. 

Benefits of buying gold

Preserves its value: Consumers prefer to buy gold because it is characterized by low volatility. Stocks and stock funds can also be highly volatile, which indicates that their value can fluctuate at any time, but gold is more stable, which can be a suitable choice for investors who are looking for a safe space to deposit their money.

Helps during inflation: Gold is one of the main reasons why people buy gold as a hedge against inflation. When inflation rises, stocks usually decrease, but gold may remain close to the same price.

Insurance in the event of a market crash: Investors who want to buy gold often look for a backup plan in the event of a traditional stock market crash. Since gold has been around for thousands of years as a form of currency, investors see it as a safe place to deposit their money.

Easy to sell: Since gold holds its value in the long term, it means that it is easy to sell because the value is unlikely to be less than what one paid for and gold has been around for so long that there is always likely to be a market of willing buyers. 

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