5 sites to compare prices before buying anything! Get the cheapest price for anything you want to buy

  Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy... There are a lot of online stores with thousands of products of all kinds, and sometimes it's hard to find the best price in these stores easily.

With this short list of sites that we are going to show you today, it intends to make this process easier for you, since they are sites that keep track of the price of the product we want to buy among several online stores, and therefore offer the best magicto get what we need.

put the product you want to buy in the search bar, and the site will search the four stores mentioned above in the foreground. It has an app for Android, and it shows the result in the form of columns with the prices they have in each store. Unfortunately the link to Amazon is com. It cannot be customized by country, and the price is always in dollars. It's perfect for a simple price comparison 

2- Idealo
compares prices as well as flight deals. It displays the results while typing in the search box what we want to buy, it has filters so that the correct result can be reached without losing much time. 

  It compares up to 25 stores at the same time, sorting the results by categories. Sometimes it is possible to find discounts, although on the site you will sometimes see things of the type: "Galaxy Note 9 from 4000 euros for only 700", which is a little intimidating.

compares more than 18 million products in more than 200 stores, being one of the most complete lists. It has filters in the sidebar, including prices, although when searching for mobiles it always shows security in the first place, which makes it difficult to get to the first devices needed.

 is very similar to the previous one, although it has a more sophisticated look but is better when it comes to displaying results.
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