10 tips that enable you to maintain weight for a long time

 You have ten tips for stabilizing weight, in other words, to help you stop gaining weight, and to reach the optimal weight that is right for you.

Every year we start planning to lose weight and stay slim forever, but all attempts may fail, so we offer you a set of tips to stabilize and maintain weight in the following article:

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Weight gain tips

Here are ten tips to help you reach the optimal weight, and stabilize and maintain weight for a long time:

1. Choosing the right timing

Examine the correct timing to start the weight loss process in order to succeed in the weight loss process , as it must be examined whether the time is right to start this task or not.

Ask yourselves: Do I have enough energy? Am I willing to put in the time and thought necessary to get the job done? Am I calm and reassured now, free from the pressures of home and work that may hinder my programs and prevent me from dedicating the time and energy to succeed in this task? The majority of your odds of success in this undertaking relate mainly to your being free to make these changes to your lifestyle.

2. Choosing the appropriate food program

Among the tips for stabilizing or losing weight, you should choose a diet program that has proven its efficacy and success scientifically, and implement it under the supervision and guidance of professionals, as overweight and obesity are chronic health problems with serious health complications.

Therefore, it requires treatment and medical follow-up like any other medical problem, and you must also pay attention to the fact that the nutrition you consume is balanced, as it is not expected that the diet that you follow will cause any nutritional deficiency that you suffer from in the future.

3. Keep monitoring

Does your program include consistent follow-up over several years? There are countless ways to lose weight, but the real difficulty lies in stabilizing the weight and maintaining the achievement.

The return of weight gain is a chronic problem that requires continuous and perseverance follow-up over a long period of time, like any other chronic medical problem. In general, adherence to the specified framework and continuous monitoring greatly contribute to stabilizing weight .

4. Get multidisciplinary professional treatment

Here, as one of the tips for weight stabilization, we mean following treatment methods that include professional guidance for proper nutrition, appropriate physical activity, gradual and continuous behavioral change, and traditional medical treatment according to the health condition.

This treatment increases weight loss and improves health as it helps in balancing blood pressure , blood lipids, and blood sugar. In general, people who have lost weight by following such a therapeutic combination succeed in maintaining a healthy weight and stabilizing weight for a longer period of time compared to people who have lost weight by following diet alone.

5. Determine the goals to be reached

The main problem with most weight-loss decisions is that they are not goal-oriented and, in many cases, impractical.

Therefore, goals must be set for the short and long term from the beginning of the road to losing and stabilizing weight. The goals should not be limited to defining the desired weight to be reached, but rather defining the means that will be used in order to reach this weight.

We clarify here that our saying “I will start practicing sports activity next week” is a very general goal, and it is not measurable. minutes on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Another example of a specific goal could be: "Eat three meals a day at fixed hours, starting on a specific date."

6. Set a date for achieving the goal

In continuation of the talk about weight stabilization tips, we tell you here that it is important to set a deadline for reaching the goal, as well as intermediate interim dates that are used as road signs before reaching the goal point.

The recommended long-term goal is to lose about 10% of the starting weight within half a year of starting the task. Weight loss should be between half a kilogram and one kilogram per week, with weekly weight monitoring.

7. Create task control over your libraries

It is advisable to set a daily and weekly appointment in order to check whether you have completed all the tasks that you set for yourself this week to lose or maintain weight. Today, with the busy lifestyle, we have to find the time and plan for healthy meals and sports activity during the hours of the day.

These tasks are difficult, but they must be placed as a top priority, and sufficient time must be allocated for them in our weekly program. Just as you plan your meetings, you must set aside time to meet the most important person in your life, which is you. So, allocate time in your diary to plan your meal and physical activity program and take care of its implementation.

8. Examination of difficulties and obstacles

Difficulties also exist in the process of caring for weight maintenance, and as one of the tips for maintaining weight, it is advisable to examine in advance what the difficulties were, as well as the reasons for failure to follow diets in the past.

You are likely to encounter the same obstacles this time as well. So when you record all the difficulties and obstacles that you faced in previous attempts to lose weight, your attention will increase and you will try to find new ways to solve these problems.

9. Trying to acquire new skills

Achieving goals in life often requires learning new skills and mastering them well in order to achieve the goal, but if you want examples of some of the skills that you must acquire in order to stabilize weight and maintain a healthy weight, here is this group:

  • Knowing what proper nutrition is , how to improve food quality, and how to consume fewer calories .
  • Diversification in eating, eating slowly.
  • Distinguishing between the physiological sense of hunger and hunger resulting from other causes.
  • Knowing the types of food that it is preferable to eat outside the home, and dealing well with the pressure of others on you to eat more food.
  • Be careful about the issue of diversifying foods during the weekend.

10. Follow up on mental therapy

As the last piece of advice for maintaining weight, we tell you that healthy weight loss always starts from the head, and to be more clear, any program to reduce weight and maintain weight must be based on the combination of guidance for making external changes in lifestyle, such as: the way of eating, physical activity, and guidance to make internal changes. Such as: changing thinking, heading towards healthy eating, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

These tips for stabilizing weight provide us with all the tools and skills needed to maintain this achievement for a long period of time.

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