BREAKING: The Hunter X Hunter manga is back after years away? And Togashi-sensei is teasing us!

 Just hours ago, Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei surprised us  - after many postponements and forced breaks due to his health condition and compulsive conditions over the years, the latest of which was in 2018 - with news that literally thousands, perhaps millions, of manga fans in general and followers of his exciting story Hunter X Hunter  he became famous in most of manga or anime especially..and it looks like Gon, Kurapika, Killua, and company will finally be back, guys! 

Today (Tuesday) “Togashi-sensei” created an account on the most popular tweeting site, Twitter , to be his first post, a picture that appears to be from the scenes of the Hunter X Hunter manga (as in the tweet above), accompanied by one sentence that delighted millions!

“Four new chapters are on the way..for now! 

However, at the same time, he did not reveal any details about the date of the appearance of these new chapters..although this marks the completion of the manga during the coming period.

Although no official statement has been issued by the publishing house (Shōnen Jump) or the official account of the anime Hunter or any of those concerned, and that Twitter account is new and not officially registered with the famous blue sign, but at the same time the author of the manga ( One-Punch Man ) , Mr. Murata Yosuke confirmed to his followers by retweeting through his personal account that the account (@Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp)   is real and belongs to Taguchi-sensei ! Which increases the chances that we will be on a date with new chapters of Manga Hunter already!

more details :

Excerpt from the Hunter X Hunter manga story:

“The greatest dream of the boy “Gon Frices” has always been to become a hunter so that one day he can find his father, who left him in his childhood, to launch into a life of adventure, after he was charmed by words such as “secret treasures and undiscovered wealth, mysterious places and unexplored borders … the unknown, mysterious.” So - called Hunters But it's not that simple: only one person in every hundred thousand can pass the Hunter Exam! And this is just the first hurdle in his journey. But during the hunting exam, Gon befriends several other potential hunters, such as the mysterious Killua ; the revenge-driven "Kurapika" ; and "Lerio"who aims to become a doctor. Let a world full of adventures and dangers open before him, waiting for him and all those who embrace him with open arms. Let's follow through an exciting journey full of action, excitement, drama and life lessons how all these boys can one day become one of the greatest hunters! 
Hunter x Hunter manga page on the MAL website: from here 

The iconic Hunter manga has inspired an equally outstanding anime series in two versions! The first is a classic produced by the well-established studio Nippon Animation , which was shown from October 16, 1999 to March 31, 2001,  with a total of 62 episodes . The latest manga con was still being published.

It was followed by a more recent version in 2011 , produced by the creative studio Madhouse , which was more faithful to the manga and its advanced events. It was shown from October 2, 2011 to September 24, 2014,  with a total of 148 episodes

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