Top 15 Best Medieval Games

 Every now and then we enjoy a simple game that takes us back to a time when swords and bows were the only weapons you could use. By then the technology had not yet emerged and the combat was almost primitive. It's fun to pick up your sword and shield to fend off enemies Hit them both in return as well as fire arrows from great distances and be able to hit your target. The fun of exploring the vast medieval lands and witnessing is enormous and it's even better with combat. If you like Medieval we've prepared a list of games you might consider game.

1) Skyrim

Skyrim takes place in a fictional medieval era with many fictional creatures such as dragons dwarves elves ghouls and many others. Skyrim is an open-world game where players can venture out to explore different biomes in Skyrim and players can travel to different islands by boat. game Has magic that can be used by the player to kill enemies. The game has a wide selection of weapons which players can customize and upgrade at the workbench or add potions to the weapon to add effects to the weapon after it hits the enemy. There are many factions in the game and each faction will treat It makes a difference in the way you behave towards them or accomplish their tasks. The game also has its own events so you can encounter battle robberies and other events and can end in different ways depending on your decisions during the event. When you commit your reputation will change in the city Different crimes like robbery theft and murder.

2) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry is where 2 medieval factions (the Order of Agatha and the Order of Mason) fought to the death primarily with melee weapons. Each faction will be given different objectives to advance and complete their tasks such as breaking through castle gates and freeing prisoners or ambush enemies and Loot their camp. Chivalry has different character classes each with their own unique weapon abilities and fighting styles and the character's weapons can be replaced by better ones that he uses. The game features various medieval weapons like mace swords daggers hammers Even ranged weapons like bows and slingshots. Players can also interact with Catapults Ballistae and Boiling Oil to take out large numbers of enemies. The game features real-time combat and gore which makes it fun to play and difficult to master.

3) Modhau

Modhau is a medieval multiplayer game focused on PVP matches for up to 64 players which makes it more challenging and competitive. The game features real-time combat and gore where players can decapitate and cut off their limbs. Games have different categories and The weapons players can choose to play with Each class has its own unique weapons and abilities. The game allows the player to throw some specific weapons at the enemy The game allows the player to pick up natural equipment from the map which can be used as weapons like rock scythes and chairs. Modhau features horseback fighting which kills you with a single blow to the head or chest but players can also kill horsebacks using different techniques such as throwing weapons at them or surrounding the horse and killing the knight. The game allows players to strategize how they attack They can use their catapults to throw boulders at enemies or destroy enemy gates.

4) Warhammer Doom - Doomsday Plague

Warhammer End Times - Vermintide takes place in the Warhammer universe where 4 players must face off against hordes of Skavens (rodents) while completing various objectives to progress. There are 5 different heroes in the game each with a unique set of weapon skills and abilities Heroes have different characteristics and fighting styles some are best with swords ranged weapons and magic. There are several types of Skaven in the game some of them are elite heavily armored and protected by a large number of Skaven some are equipped with poison bombs and common Skaven are easily killed by players. After completing the game levels players will be rewarded with trinkets and weapons players can also interact with mini-games they have to roll the dice which will determine which gadget the player will use.

5) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is about the monster hunter Geralt who is looking for his adopted daughter who has been kidnapped by a group called the Wild Hunt to use her daughter's powers. Geralt must face different enemies to find her daughter Geralt has an arsenal of weapons Players can choose which ones to use they can also use Geraltspowers to kill enemies. When players complete missions Geralt will gain experience points that players can use to unlock other weapons or improve their abilities. Some creatures change their behavior due to day and night system provided by the game. The player can interact with the AI and depending on how they react the AI ​​will behave differently to the player. The ending will be based on the player's decision with 36 possible ways to end the game.

6) Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the story of a boy who survives a mercenary attack. Henry's parents were killed in the attack which led Henry to seek revenge. Players must not only survive from mercenaries and other enemies but also find edible food To survive hunger and stay healthy at the same time the game has a clothing system layers of clothing can be worn for more protection and a variety of weapons are available for players to choose from. The more clothes and weapons are used the more they need to be repaired. your food and other perishables Items will deteriorate overtime. The game features horses that players can use to travel faster or carry items for them when needed. The game also features dialogue where the AI ​​will change its behavior through the way you interact with them.

7) The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online takes place in Tamriel and players must complete different objectives to level up and progress. Players can farm different resources and kill enemies in different areas. The game has 10 different races and 5 classes each with different weapons Spells and passive effects. Players can also choose to become a werewolf or a vampire during the game. The game has different types of weapons and skills. Taking elements from the original Elder Scrolls game The Elder Scrolls Online takes it to the next level with its amazing gameplay and features.

8) Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III takes place in the kingdom of Lothric where players must face different demonic creatures spawned by the undead. Players must reach the bell that ignites the age of fire and resurrect past lords and try to connect the fire again. The player is equipped with a Various weapons to fight the undead such as swords shields and bows. Also has magic that players can use to kill enemies. Players can roll or dodge to avoid being hit by enemies. The game is very hard to play which makes it very challenging Players they have to think about their every move and how to fight the enemy.

9) Vallhall

Vallhall is the first online medieval battle royale game. Like other battle, royale players must eliminate other players in order to ascend but Valhall will focus on melee combat as swordfighting players must be able to dodge parries or block other enemy attacks Avoid getting hit. Players have to search for loot scattered around the map there are some boxes with loot in the forest and some are scattered around the forest. Vallhall has different weapons such as swords axes spears and bows as well as different armors players can wear to Add protection to their character.

10) Middle earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War takes place in an open-world environment. Players will play the protagonist Talion. Players must complete quests to increase Talion's abilities and become stronger. The game has abilities like magic and natural abilities All can be improved by completing tasks. The AI ​​will change its behavior based on how you interact with them and there are followers who will behave based on how you interact with them. Gameplay and enemies behave differently day or night forcing you to choose how to play The game and requiring you to strategize sometimes. You will have access to different weapons such as swords daggers and bows.

11) For Honor

For Honor takes place in the Middle Ages and you'll experience chaos and rage as you kill your enemies. The game features 4 factions Knights Vikings Samurais and Wu Lin each with their own unique weapon fighting styles and abilities. Players will have fun Experiencing its unique fighting game. The combat system is unique as players are warned by red indicators when and where they are being hit allowing them to plan their moves and test their skills. For Honor has different game modes each with their own different objectives that players must complete to achieve victory.

12) Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy is an RTS game where you must build your stronghold and meet the needs of your people and kingdom. By building your kingdom you must continue to improve your kingdom and protect it. The game has a day and night system that affects faction behavior and You can use it to attack enemies or gather resources. You need to build an army to protect your village from other kingdoms or you can choose to conquer other kingdoms if you want your empire to grow.

13) Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord is about building your army and conquering other kingdoms. Players have to complete different objectives and players can also control their soldiers in battle. The game allows you to strategically position your army to target enemy fortifications. this Players can choose different ways to break through the enemy's stronghold they can destroy the gates of the castle or blow up the enemy's walls but there may be traps around the enemy's stronghold that can take away a large number of our soldiers.

14) Total war saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War Saga: Throne of Britannia is another RTS game where you build your kingdom and satisfy your people but there are other factions ready to kill your soldiers and conquer your empire. Players will play as one of ten factions each of which will have its own unique buildings and armies. Factions can also form alliances or control settlements. Factions will have to face different unique events.

15) Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a ragdoll battle simulation game. Players will choose from different classes of units each with their own unique and interesting skills. Players must strategically position their units to be more effective. The game very ridiculous and interesting units Will roll over like beans and kill each other while desperately trying not to get hit by enemy archers or ballistas. The maps are very detailed and well-made some even feature secret passages and some contain secret items that unlock the game's secret units.

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