All cheat codes for GTA V 5 for PC

Gta v is one of the best adventure games launched by Rockstar Games, a specialized and leading company in the field of video games. And Xbox and the computer within the latest series of realistic adventures of the famous GTI games that managed to achieve great success and amazing sales in the world and get hundreds of millions of followers and fans of the GTA V game who are eagerly awaiting each new and special version that carries fun, excitement and renewed suspense through an update And the development of the game's parts and the addition of various events and tasks to the GTA Grand Theft Auto game.

Cheat codes / GTA V PC Cheat Codes :
the influence cheat codes
Launching into the sky skyfall
Recharge Ability POWERUP
Super Jump HOPTOIT
Explosive hand weapons HOTHANDS
Explosive bullet HIGHEX
parachute SKYDIVE
moon Gravity floater
Cars skid when cornering SNOWDAY
slow motion SLOWMO
fast swimming GOTGILLS
Slow motion shooting DEADEYE
The player is invincible PAINKILLER
Full blood + armor TURTLE
Changing weather MAKEITRAIN
Police stars increase FUGITIVE
Cut police stars LAWYERUP

Get vehicles:

the influence

cheat codes

Get PCJ-600 (motorcycle) ROCKET
Get BMX (Bicycle) BANDIT
Get Sanchez (Mountain Motorcycle) OFFROAD
Get a garbage truck TRASHED
Get the Rapid GT RAPIDGT
Get limousine VINEWOOD
Get attack helicopter BUZZOFF
Get Airplane  BARNSTORM

The contact number from the phone for all the codes 

  • 1-999-724-654-5537
  • 1-999-887-853
  • 1-999-8665-87
  • 1-999-5299-3787
  • 1-999-3844-8483
  • 1-999-462-363-4279
  • 1-999-4684-2637
  • 1-999-332-3393
  • 1-999-228-8463
  • 1-999-468-44557
  • 1-999-759-3483
  • 1-999-467-86-48

In this article, we have presented a wonderful package of GTA 5 codes for PC, and now all you have to do is try them and enjoy this interesting experience.

The game is available on Steam . Click here to visit the page

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